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Stained glass has literally been around for hundreds of years. It has seen empires rise and fall, and it has welcomed thousands of people seeking salvage and solace in cathedrals and temples. In present days, it welcomes art lovers in galleries, and every homeowner who loves stained glass can have a custom window in their entry door, side window, and other places. Be it for stained glass repair or custom fabrication, Stained Glass Restoration & Custom Works will not fail to impress you. What can we do for you? Find out in the lines below!

About Our Services

With impressive experience of over a quarter of a century, today Stained Glass Restoration & Custom Works is your go-to source when you need reliable stained glass restoration, repair, and fabrication. We can create custom stained glass designs of your choosing, and you can rely on us for its installation. Our team provides residential and commercial glass window protective covering, too. We can even make light boxes. For more information, check our Services page!

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There When You Need Us

Speaking about both your home and office, stained glass applications can be incorporated into your existing doors and windows to enhance your home or office decor, increase privacy, and limit sun exposure. Our custom stained glass panels fit perfectly into the existing glass in your doors, windows, sidelights, and transoms. This eliminates the need for expensive all-out replacements. In addition, modern stained glass panels can beautify and brighten up any space, even if you have no windows in the room at all. Any stained glass can be made into a lightbox, then wired to a switch for that instant window-effect your place needs. Stained Glass Restoration & Custom Works can do all that for you and so much more if you let us!

About Our Work Process

At [cm], we take a conservative approach to stained glass restoration. The process involves many hours of planning and dialogue before any work begins. We believe that when you wish to have your precious stained glass window restored, you deserve to know what steps we will take to complete the task. We keep you in the loop the whole time. As for new fabrications, we work alongside you until we reach the perfect design for your home or business property in Philadelphia, PA and the other areas we serve! There is a one-year warranty on our labor.

To learn more about us, our services in Philadelphia, PA, and availability, please give us a call!


Restoration of Stained Glass

I definitely recommend Stained Glass Restoration!! Mr Ford was very knowledgeable & professional.

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